The 2009 Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble

The World's Greatest Battle of the Bands Thrives in Boston! Who knew at the time, just what was unfolding 31 years ago in Boston? The WBCN radio-sponsored Rock and Roll Rumble could be the longest running and most important battle of the bands in the country. For three decades [link to previous winners and finalists] the best and brightest bands from Boston and it's surrounding region have been invited to duke it out on stage for bragging rights, prizes and cash. It all begins on Sunday!

For fans, this is a crash course in the local scene. For a single local ticket price each night (the six preliminary head-to-head rounds begin Sunday and will run for the week at The Middle East), concertgoers get exposed to the best the city can offer up!

The 2009 Rumble will be hosted by
the Middle East in Cambridge

WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: The Rumble is a vital event to help promote the Boston scene. It helps get the word out locally, but it also exposes all of this remarkable talent to the rest of the world. Austin, Portland, Chicago, LA, and Atlanta are the current music scenes being celebrated --- but Boston and it's thriving music scene have always been right there. And now, we find that our bands are as good as they have ever been! This year promises to be one of the best competitions ever!

Can you tell we're excited? Seriously folks for live music addicts like us, this is as good as it gets!

Prelims (begin Sunday):
April 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th
Bands must survive to move on!
Semi Finals:
April 16th and 17th
The Finals:
April 24th

Voting and History

OUR PROMISE TO OUR READERS: Ryan's Smashing Life has a special place in our heart(s) for Boston Music. So you know, we will be all over this one. We will have coverage of the nights in both written and pictorial form. These will be ready for you later the following evening - allowing even those reading this website from distant and abroad locales the feeling you are at the events. It's our promise to you to do our best to share the Rumble experience! This one's just about to begin... Here are the contestants:

2009 WBCN Rock n’ Roll Rumble Preliminary Schedule
The Middle East Upstairs, Central Square, Cambridge

Sun, April 5, Night #1 - 8:30 doors
Band 4: The Luxury 11:30-12:00
Band 3: The Deal 10:40-11:10
Band 2: Logan 5 and the Runners 9:50–10:20
Band 1: Angeline 9:00–9:30
18+ $9

Mon, April 6, Night #2 - 8:30 doors
Band 4: Eksi Ekso 11:30-12:00
Band 3: Apple Betty 10:40-11:10
Band 2: Gravehaven 9:50–10:20
Band 1: The Minus Scale 9:00–9:30
18+ $9

Tues, April 7, Night #3 -8:30 doors

Band 4: Have Nots 11:30-12:00
Band 3: The Motion Sick 10:40-11:10
Band 2: The Dirty Truckers 9:50–10:20
Band 1: The Fatal Flaw 9:00–9:30
18+ $9

Wed, April 8, Day of Rest (phew!)

Thurs, April 9, Night #4 - 9:00 doors

Band 4: Sarah RabDAU & Self-Employed Assassins 12:30–1:00
Band 3: Dead Cats Dead Rats 11:30–12:00
Band 2: Muy Cansado 10:30–11:00
Band 1: Anarchy Club 9:30–10:00
18+ $9

Fri, April 10, Night #5 - 9:00 doors
Band 4: Destruct-a-thon 12:30–1:00
Band 3: Gene Dante & the Future Starlets 11:30–12:00
Band 2: The Mystery Tramps 10:30–11:00
Band 1: Thick As Thieves 9:30–10:00
18+ $9

Sat, April 11, Night #6 - 9:00 doors
Band 4: The Lights Out 12:30–1:00
Band 3: Gozu 11:30–12:00
Band 2: The New Alibis 10:30–11:00
Band 1: Trucker Mouth 9:30–10:00
18+ $9

TICKETS & MORE: All shows have an admission of 18+. Tickets for the entire 2009 WBCN Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble may be purchased in advance online at The Middle East’s website or on the night of the show. The line-up of bands is posted below. Log on to and for further information.


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