RUMBLE NIGHT THREE - The Dirty Truckers win in a Street Fight!

THE BEST LIVE NIGHT SO FAR IN THE RUMBLE: This was the best attended and toughest to deliberate night so far for the 2009 Rumble. People were turned away at the door due to the club being at capacity at a very early hour... And the bands responded - the performances were simply incredible! Barring The Luxury's stellar performance on Night One - this was the best showing of music this insane week has offered up so far. The Dirty Truckers took the win after much deliberation from the judges.

WILD CARD PREDICTION: Do not be surprised if The Motion Sick or The Have Nots take the Wild Card spot in the Rumble's Semi-Finals. (It's a crowd-favorite spot... The Wild Card band has won two of the last four competitions!) This announcement will come at the end of the Week... Maybe we are coming out on this a little early... We'll see!

THE FATAL FLAW: We are new to the Fatal Flaw's sound and welcomed the opportunity the Rumble affords us to check out new Boston music. Falling into step behind indie-pacesetters-turned-mainstream Jimmy Eat World, The Fatal Flaw entertained the crowd. They definitely helped turned the entertainment level up, setting the tone for a huge live night of Boston music!

Who knew Karl Rove was into guitar? The Fatal Flaw.
Photo by Sooz

THE DIRTY TRUCKERS: I like these guys right from the get-go because they're from Jamaica Plain - a part of the city where I used to dwell a while back. JP bands are raw and just plain fun - and Dirty Truckers are certainly no exception. Their blues-influenced rock transported the crowd off to someplace else on Night Three. They played real big and gutted it out to take the night!

Raw, Return-to-Roots Rock from Dirty Truckers
Photo by Sooz

VIDEO: The Dirty Truckers on Night 3!

THE MOTION SICK: Probably one of my favorite two or three Boston bands to see. This incredibly bright and promising band never, ever disappoints. They played to a full crowd of enthusiasts and supporters. We would not have been surprised in the slightest of these guys took the Win on Night Three. The Motion Sick have the inside track right now on being named this year's Rumble Wild Card.

The Motion Sick were incredible on Night 3
Photo by Sooz

THE HAVE NOTS: We couldn't have asked for a better ending to a huge night of live music! The Have Nots are one of the better modern punk/post-punk bands we have seen in ages. They manage to sound clean and crisp without being sellouts but their sound was choppy, vibrant and alive - everything we crave in a standout throwdown! We were very very impressed with these guys. Like much of the crowd on Night 3, will be looking for one of their shows soon!

The Have Nots were impressive!
Photo by Sooz


Images by Sooz


sinnernotsaint55 said…
The Have Nots are NOT post-punk! Post-punk doesn't mean "what came after original punk" it means those bands that came from, or bands that sound like bands that came from darker/dancey new wave period in the early to mid 80s. Joy Division, U2, and more modern stuff like the Killers. Just sayin'......

Great sets by all bands on Tues.
Ryan Spaulding said…
This always happens. Always, always, always... Anytime you try to describe a band in the punk vein, somebody has to quibble about the label. Every single time. I'm going to publish these comments from now on.

I praise the music. I plug the band, I link their page - go and listen... It's good! Lighten up already.

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