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DATELINE: BOSTON - You couldn't kill this city's rich underground music scene, even if you tried... And you can't take away it's rich heritage - bands that were pivotal in the development of attitudes, outlooks and musical tastes. For a great many people, Harris is one of those bands - underground pacesetters and certainly a band that captured a place and a time. The band's last show takes place this Saturday at the Middle East. But, as you may well find, much of them remains to indicate their place in the city's indie rock folklore.

Harris is Mike Nastri - Vox/Bass, Matt Scott - Guitar, Rob Lynch - Drums, Jon Day - Guitar, and Jim Reed - Keyboards/Vox

Boston Band 'That Could'

Harris' last performance happens this week.
The band played before many thousands of people
And both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

MUSIC UNLOCKS MEMORIES - Not many people know that I actually worked as a journalist at one point in my young career. (It was "character and experience" work - since writing for a daily rag didn't pay much in the way of wages.) Interestingly, journalists are occasionally asked to prepare obituaries before the deceased have died. It's an odd and certainly macabre look at both the nature of death and the business of newspapers. Getting back on task: Preparing an end for Harris (who formed as a band in 2000) reminds me just a bit of that... But then, I am reminded that the pre-obit profile pieces (biographies, really) for the newspaper were a way to celebrate accomplishment, preparing accolades for an otherwise dark and empty day. I learned a lot more than I realized from writing those stories.

Despite calling it quits, things in Harris' music camp, are sunny; as they have opted to end it on their own terms... (Cause for celebration in itself; in controlling one's own path.) And this pre-planning by the band also does something invaluable for their fans - audiences in Boston can gather at the Middle East on Saturday (4/18) and send them off to their respective, and individual, futures. We have seen the demise of too many bands come on foreign stages, or after years of stagnation and decay or in a moment of disagreement. But not this time - Harris, who have a really great send-off interview in Boston Band Crush this week, are leaving with their heads and their guitars held aloft. And, isn't that all you could ever ask for?

Harris' Final Show -Saturday 4/18/2009
The Middle East in Central Square, Cambridge
with Scamper (reunion), The Young Leaves, & Jericho Trumpet
$10 advanced tickets / $12 doors

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Thanks, this is a great blog!
Sophia Cacciola said…
Thanks for linking over to the interview. They are such a great set of talented guys, I'm sure we haven't heard the last from them!
bianca said…
This website is awesome

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