Gene Dante and the Future Starlets Take RUMBLE NIGHT FIVE

Thick as Thieves kicked off one of the best Rumble 2009 Nights!
Photo by Sooz

THICK AS THIEVES: Known for their scalding guitar and their thoroughly entertaining high-energy live shows here in Boston, this band are well respected by their peers. On Night Five, local musicians packed the audience supporting Thick as Thieves from the sold-out crowd. (Ask a guitar player what he listens to... Indie rock Boston style, that's Thick as Thieves.) These guys were awesome!

Just Kids who rock - The Mystery Tramps impressed.
Photo by Sooz

THE MYSTERY TRAMPS: The Audience didn't know what to think when we say these guys take the stage. Diminutive Kid Rockers, Mystery Tramps hail from Lynnfield where we understand they await high school graduation. Excellent musicianship, despite the age limitations. Keep your ear on the ground for these guys, it won't be long yet for them to arrive. Already with a Rumble appearance!

Gene Dante has Charisma!
(And he damn sure knows it.)

Photos by Sooz

GENE DANTE and THE FUTURE STARLETS: With charm and a hell of a lot of flamboyant rock style, Gene Dante and the Future Starlets stole the show on Night 5. We were made a fan as soon as we saw this performance. We anticipate that the band breaking through this year - anticipate them to compete for it all in this competition! A hell of a lot of entertainment and a ton of charisma; that's Gene Dante!

Duncan's Stage Dives were well received on Night 5
Photos by Sooz

Michele Morgan

DESTRUCT-A-THON: An unbelievably great hardcore performance by Destruct-A-Thon on Night 5. I don't listen to much of it these days, but it's definitely in my pedigree so we found we could totally appreciate it. As much quality stage theatrics as great hardcore metal, this band really put on a show. And it reflected very well on the audience that they could enjoy such an eclectic set on Night 5. With Gene Dante taking the night, Destruct-A-Thon is a serious contender this year for the Rumble Wild Card.

Gene Dante and the Future Starlets


Images by Sooz


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