Fishhawk - NIGHT OWL video & mp3

One of the best new sounds we have heard in many months, Atlanta's Fishhawk is a new kind of indie rock band using elements of several styles to create a new type of musical art. Fishhawk merges several music styles (rock, electronica, rap, slow beats, hip-hop and soul.) Tracks on Bells Underwater (their debut album set for a June 5th release) are punctuated by beats, stirred with strong vocals and peppered with plenty of pop hooks.


I told you about these guys last November and some talks about getting them to Boston have gone on. Mark your calendars! On April 21st, Ryan's Smashing Life will present a huge 4-Band lineup over at Great Scott that will provide indie rockers and fans in this city their first opportunity to find out what this band is all about.

Apr 17 - The Rock Shop - Fayetteville, NC
Apr 18 - The Thunderbird Cafe - Pittsburgh, PA
Apr 21 - RSL Presents at Great Scott - Allston, MA
Apr 22 - the R BAR - NYC
Apr 24 - Red Star - Brooklyn, NY
May 8 - Smith’s Olde Bar - Atlanta, GA
May 15 - 2009 Florida Music Festival - Orlando, FL

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Kendall said…
This is going to be a great show if the video is anything like the live show! Looking forward to the event!

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