Dylan on President Obama - "Feel a Change Comin' On"

By the End of the Month, many of you readers and a good number of the people you know will have a copy of Dylan's new "Together Through Life." It's just a postulation from a known guesser, but I think you'll find it's a pretty accurate one. It seems just as incredible that Dylan is putting out his 46th album of material that it is that he is still remarkably relevant to the world we live - a world that changes so fast... From generation to generation, through cults of personality, changes in governments and through the years... The man has staying power. That much is clear.

Columbia Records arranged for Mr. Dylan's second track from the new album (here's the first) to be streamed for you over at Newsweek/Pop Vox. It's also over at Times.Online.

The Times Online version has a really cool Q&A between Bob and interviewer Bill Flanagan. They discuss President Obama and World War II, amongst other things. Dylan conjures up some real cultural and literary ghosts. A very nice read!

Dylan's come a very long way. If you haven't heard it... In this one, Dylan's a fresh-faced kid. The year is 1963. This one is my all-time favorite!

Dylan in Dallas - HOB 2/23/08
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