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DATELINE: AUSTRALIA - Arguably one of the world's most scalding hot rock bands, Wolfmother is showing their soft underbelly and the fact that they're all heart these days by playing benefits and giving away their new music for a good cause.

If you head on over to you can download a copy of the band's brand new mp3 titled Round Back (it's really good when you play it loud!) with the hopes that you'll donate to the Australian Red Cross if you are able. Volunteers there are on a major drive to clean up and help folks after a series of brush fires devastated the region. A tip of the hat to the band: Andrew Stockdale (Vocals/Guitar), Ian Peres (Bass/Keys), Aiden Nemath (Guitar), and Dave Acosta (Drums) for the good deed. Now they've got us wondering what they've got coming up next!

Wolfmother's Andrew Stockdale
Live at Sound Relief in Melbourne, March 14

photo by Taleethersaurus

Wolfmother Myspace / Wikipedia


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