2009 RUMBLE FINALS - THE LUXURY are the Wild Card

LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR! - Not sure if we can thank the Gods of Rock, the ghosts of Rumbles past, but The Luxury (who already gave the single best performance of the entire Rumble this year on Night One way back on April 5th) have been selected to represent the Finals Wild Card spot (see here) and will have a chance to win it all. (The Announcement was made last night by Rumble Host Anngelle Wood on her popular WBCN radio program Boston Emissions.) This was a good decision. We support all Boston music, but after seeing Jason Dunn and the band tear the roof off the Middle East that night and again in Round 2, the prospect of them not moving on seemed, a bit odd. No favoritism - just opinionated rock sensibilities at the RSL....


Jason Dunn at the Middle East 4/5/09
Rumble 2009 Night One

On to the Final Night! - The Luxury will meet The Dirty Truckers and Gene Dante and the Future Starlets at the Middle East on Friday 4/24/09. All three bands kicked ass in their own way. The Luxury are probably the hottest rock ticket in the city. The Dirty Truckers' blues-influenced southern style rock have clearly been the upstart in this contest and have been playing some of the best music throughout. They have not ceased to impress. Gene Dante and the Future Starlets are the trendy avante garde pick for the tournament. We have been blown away by the band's charisma and charm as much as we have their music - which is great! Three great bands - three deserving winners - but only one will Win! Tickets (which will sell out) this last night are $12. That's a small price to pay to see Boston Rock 'n' Roll History in the making!

FINAL NIGHT (Friday 4/24/09)
Middle East downstairs
8:30 doors / 18+ / $12

Rumble Semi-Final Photos
Pix by Veronica Dale

RSL Rumble Photos by Sooz

(highly recommended)


MikeCann said…
Yay, I was rooting for the Luxury to be there. Hope to be there on Friday night, should be fun. Nice job on the coverage here and the bostonbandcrush blog.

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