Pearl Jam's Re-Issue of Ten - Live Television Recordings

CRITICALLY DEFAMED BUT SURE TO SELL: On March 24th, Ten - the debut from Pearl Jam will be reissued with all kinds of extras. Expect bonus material, live stuff, etc. This one promises to be a must-release for Grungeheads. One thing though, the "new" Ten hasn't captured the hearts and minds of all the critics.

I got the laugh of the weekend flipping through the back pages of this month's FILTER Magazine. There in the record reviews was this little number from one harsh (and undeniably unbiased) critic - writer Ken Scrudato. You have to love a music critic who quotes Oscar Wilde and has the balls to throw stones at what is sure to be a huge selling album. (The first print has sold 12 Million copies.)

Pearl Jam's Ten Re-Issue Package
in stores on March 24th

Filter Magazine score:
90% for fans. 40% for everyone else.

SCORCHING! - "With TEN (now being reissued in four elaborate, digitally remastered editions - uh.... hooray?), we find the very image of rock stardom has somehow shifted from Bowie and Siouxsie to that of a pitiful, flannel-bedecked misery-guts piffling on about absolutely nothing. The songs on Ten actually sound shockingly more insufferable this far out of their original grunge context, the anthemic sludge of the likes of "Alive" and "Even Flow" inexorably tarred with the brush of a turbid 1991 musical zeitgeist."

Scrudato goes on to liken Eddie Vedder's voice to "constipation-chic" and calls him "Mr. Mopey Pants".... "One can only pray that the act of creating this prodigous lump of doo doo will someday be punitively addressed in the International Criminal Court. Until then, I'd recommend stabbing yourself in the head instead." - KEN SCRUDATO

The funniest thing I've read in a good while!

LIVE RECORDINGS: For the Pearl Jam sympathizers out there, here's a little treat. Pearl Jam's 2006 performance on Saturday Night Live. Both songs are from April 15, 2006!


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One of my favourite band.

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