There is a Light That Never Goes Out - Actually those words uttered by Morrissey first, so long ago end up being pretty appropriate to discuss today's music topic. We enter the world of improvisational rock, jazz-tinged creativity and ever-evolving, fully actualized music from craftsmen John Medeski, Billy Martin and Chris Wood.

The trio of inventive technicians are on the verge of releasing a new CD of material in April. The name of this one: Radiolarians II (surprise, it's the second release in The Radiolarians Series - see my album mention last October) signals the band's desire to celebrate all that is small, beautiful and leaves a permanent mark.

Martin, Wood and Medeseki

Medeski Martin and Wood - Amber Gris
New Album emerges on April 14.

04.17.09 – Smith Opera House – Geneva, NY
04.18.09 – B-Side Jazz Fest – Minneapolis, MN
04.19.09 – Loyal Earth Festival – St. Louis, MO
04.23.09 – Congress Hall – Warsaw, Poland
05.01.09 – Beale Street Music Festival – Memphis, TN
05.02.09 – The Studio at Colton Theater – New Orleans, LA
05.23.09 – Summer Camp – Chillicothe, IL
06.04.09 – Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden – Richmond, VA
06.06.09 – 3 Rivers Arts Festival – Pittsburgh, PA

CHECK THESE OUT! - Radiolarians I and II are the adult jazz, funk soul version of Medeski Martin & Wood's wickedly good kids' album released just last year. Let's Go Everywhere is an intelligent, fun record for kids - but performed in the same brilliant alt-jazz, fusion style that the band has made famous. The band speaks to kids but in a voice that doesn't talk down to them. The songs on Let's Go Everywhere are full of imagination-stirring songs. If I had kids, this is what they would be listening to.

It was a busy year for MMW last year. They also released an album of new material titled Zaebos: The Book of Angels. We don't have this one yet (and didn't even know about it until the end of the year!), but it's def on our wish list.

Medeski Martin & Wood released one of my all-time favorite records Out Louder with guitar legend John Scofield in 2006. It's a must-have record and a great way for fans to sink their teeth into Scofield career. Out Louder is a jazz, rock and folk phenomena that transports listeners to far away places!


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