Mystery Solved!


 Thought I would share this with you all readers... I have recently been finding odd messages on the screen when I return home... Lots of unusual warnings... Nothing too serious, ever - but the growing frequency of these issues was beginning to worry me. And it has hastened my research in a new computer - which has since died.  This is what I found today...

This is Charlie .. laying on my computer

MEET CHARLIE: I've had Charlie since he was just a wee kitten. He's the sweetest creature you could ever meet and he's my constant companion when I am working on the laptop - be it typing in blog entries or while answering emails or doing research. Evidently Charlie has taken up some computer time of his own when I'm on the road!



I_am_Tulsa said…
Cute lovable kitty! But be careful so that he doesn't pee on it! My friend's cat peed on her computer and had to buy a new one!
Anonymous said…
Hi Ryan,

Your pal Jeremy (my roomie) just sent me this picture because my orange tabby Theo has the same sailor suit costume. He is a ham just like Charlie! :)

Happy Monday!


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