ALL KINDS OF UTILITY WORK: One of our absolute favorite indie pop bands in the entire U.S. of A. has three shows at the South-by-Southwest Music Festival this week in Austin and we want you to be there.

To celebrate the dates from New York's Bridges and Powerlines, we are unleashing a brand new song (with the band's support of course!) And if you don't find yourself in the sunny climes and overcrowded streets of Austin, TX this week - take a few minutes to research this band. They are simply incredible!

As a supporter of Bridges and Powerlines, the band made my latest DJ set in February. Click over for the full setlist and one of my all-time favorite BAP tracks! Give this band a look and a listen and you'll likely find yourself a fast fan, too.

One to Watch for at SxSW:

Bridges and Powerlines
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