Boston just Rocks (Free Artist Compilation!)

BOSTON - Exposing our friends to new music is probably the most rewarding thing about hosting the blog. And, helping our local friends (both old and new) in bands is a great way to support the region's music scene. So that's why we are really glad to finally get the word out on Winter is Cold, - a compilation of Boston-area artists who want you to hear what they've been up to! The music download is completely free. It's never been so easy to be part of the scene.

Clawjob photo by Steve Gintz

20 Boston Bands. 20 Songs for Free!

1 Up Periscope On the Submarine Unspeakable - Ho-Ag
2 Black Sky Above, Black Sea Below - Tristan Da Cunha
3 AT Trailers - Reports
4 Siberian Death Sub - Brutal Love Masters
5 Diamond Hoax - Clawjob
6 Blue Glass - Neptune
7 An Absolute Farmer - The Big Disappointments
8 The View From Up Here - Night Driving

9 Barnyard Creeps - Animal Hospital
10 Minister - Meanings
11 Satin Rules - Helms
12 20 Minute Mile - Piles
13 Black Person - Thunderhole
14 Magic Jar of Jar of Animal - Paper Thin Stages
15 Feelings (They're Alright) - Summerduck
16 A Beginning - Concord Ballet Orchestra Players
17 The Pigeon and the Eggs - Magic People
18 Earth Submarine - The Measuremen
19 Life Before Birth - The Red Royal
20 Sticks & Stones - Dr. & Mrs. Van Der Trampp

Animal Hospital photo by Kelly Akashi

Winter is Cold is available for free on CD in various Boston-area stores and cafes,
and you can also download all the music here in 192kbps mp3 quality.

If you like what you hear, please support the bands! more details...


night driving said…
awesome. thanks for covering this!!

-guy from track 8

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