Bell X1 Ticket Giveaway - The Paradise on St Patrick's Day!

WIN with Ryan's Smashing Life! - Spend St Patrick's Day with this Red Hot Irish Band! Win a pair of tickets and see what people on both sides of the Atlantic are talking about these days...

Bell X1 Plays the Paradise on 3/17

New Single

Bell X1 - How Your Heart is Wired

Bell X1 has a new album and are on tour. We just completed a great little interview with singer Paul Noonan recently and now the band is giving us a pair of tickets to give away for Bell X1's St Patrick's Day show at Boston's Paradise Rock Club! How to Win: Drop an email in the mailbag or leave us a message on our Facebook page!

Winner of the passes will know tomorrow. Shortly thereafter, I urge the rest of you to buy your Bell X1 tickets for St Paddy's Day. They will sell out and you will be left out in the cold!

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