America's Smartest Band? - The Motion Sick arrive in Austin

Dateline: AUSTIN, TX - the SxSW Music Festival
It's been an odd evolution for rock and pop music when one considers that its most hopeful sons and daughters have too often been cut from a lot of dullards and non-thinks. It's true! Falling for powerful and emotive music doesn't mean you should avoid songs with great lyrics, thoughtful song craft and ironic humor...

We want to let you know about one of our favorites - and quite possibly the smartest rock band in America... Boston's The Motion Sick are a fun-loving lot and they're as bright as hell too. Here's proof positive that great music can result from good brains! If you're in Austin this week for the South-by-Southwest Music Festival, plan to catch one of their eye-opening shows:

Music that Won't Harm Your Head -

Photo by Tanit Sakakini

THEY'RE GOOD, IT'S TRUE: The Motion Sick could be the best band in Boston, so be sure to catch them at one of their FIVE sets in Texas this week. We named their latest album, "One of the 20 Albums you need to Own from 2008." With good reason... With crafty, thought-provoking lyrics and huge doses of on-stage fun, the Motion Sick are just sensational! Here's our illuminating interview with the band. (Highly Recommended!)


Mar 19 - SxSW Music Festival - Austin, TX
3pm at Fran’s Hamburgers - Green Light Go Showcase
Mar 19 - Houston, TX
9pm at Notsuoh
Mar 20 - SxSW Music Festival - Austin, TX
1pm at Friends
Mar 20 - SxSW Music Festival - Austin, TX
6pm at Sonny's Vintage
Mar 20 - SxSW Music Festival - Austin, TX
9pm at Pete's Bar
Mar 21 - Memphis, TN
9pm at Buccaneer Lounge
Mar 22 - Akron, OH
9pm at Annabell's Bar & Lounge
Mar 23 - Pittsburgh, PA
9pm at Howler Coyote
Mar 24 - Philadelphia, PA
9pm at The Fire
Mar 25 - NYC
9pm at Arlene's Grocery

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