Travels - The Hot Summer

DATELINE: BOSTON - We don't have very far at all to go today to find our profile band. It's our friends in Somerville; Anar Badalov (formerly of Baltimore faves Metal Hearts) and Mona Elliott (formerly of Boston's beloved Victory at Sea.) This creative couple have released their second remarkable album, called ONE HOT SUMMER, and we are delighted to share it with you, as we think it's pretty incredible!

Making A Lasting Impression:
I DJed between the sets of a recent band night and chose this song to share with the audience. It was very well received. A couple of people asked me what band it was - both assuming it was a national act! They were both happy and surprised that it was created right here in Boston. Music has a way of speaking to people - especially when it's Travels!

The New Release - Highly Recommended!

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