Stage Photography: The Morning Benders at the Middle East

Photographic Evidence: The Sold Out Morning Benders/Submarines
VENUE: The Middle East in Cambridge- Feb. 13, 2009

One of the Best Early Tours of 2009 wraps up this week as the Morning Benders and The Submarines (more live photos) arrive in California for shows in San Francisco (Friday 2/27) and Los Angeles (Saturday 2/28). If our show is any indicator, pictures below, it was one hell of a tour! The Morning Benders are an embracing band with tons of charm. Since seeing them last year on stage in Boston with the Kooks, the Morning Benders have grown as musicians and it shows up on stage! What's up Next for the Benders? Anxious audiences at SxSW!

Submarines live shots will be up shortly, stay tuned!

Hit Play and Check Out The Photos!
The Morning Benders - Fools Rush In
(Johnny Mercer cover!)

All images by RSL photographer Sean Hafferty.

The Morning Benders
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