Recurrent: The Photographic were the Best of Underground 08

DATELINE: Louisville, Kentucky - One of the music projects I was most excited about last year was a quietly amazing instrumental duo from Kentucky... The Photographic are guitarist Jamey See Tai and drummer Chad Blevins. The duo use their own instrumentation, some synth effects and looping to create a sonic presence that rivals that of hugely talented instrumentalists Explosions in the Sky. (Their sound has odd breakthrough moments of clarity and I swear I can almost hear the Cure. It's pretty amazing.)

Galaxia Records released the remarkable "Pictures of a Changing World" in March of last year. I got my copy early - so I have been pretty much listening to this record for about a full year now. Thought it was definitely worth another mention and a listen...


Nic Tse photo

It's really hard to imagine a listener not enjoying these songs. The Photographic gently assault your senses; knocking down walls that close your mind. Dissolve into it.

from Pictures of a Changing World

Available from Galaxia & finer indie music stores.

The Photographic
Myspace / Galaxia Records


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