Recurrent: Alabama 3 (A3) - A Savory Retrospective

Probably The Best Known Television Theme Song
From the last 10 Years and a slew of catchy tracks


When I play songs for people in my home, make a mix or DJ, I like to watch their response to something they have never heard before. This was the case this week when I added a little Alabama 3 (or A3 as they used to be known) into the mix. The results were as predictable as they were positive: People like this band's music.

Alabama 3 have a great quote up on their myspace page: "We make Sweet Mutherfucking Country Acid House music. All night long. We're not from Alabama, and there's not three of us. We're from Brixton, London. We're the fellas that did that Soprano's theme tune. That tune bought someone a swimming pool, but it sure wasn't any of us..."

In celebration of a long, esteemed and wholly unique career (understatement of the year) that has seen The Guardian dub them “the best live band in Britain” Alabama 3 have released a definitive retrospective album. Hits and Exit Wounds (One Indian Records). The album showcases "Woke Up This Morning" (The Sopranos Theme Song) along with he album contains previously unreleased material including "SKA’D For Life" from the film SW9 (Vertigo Films), a collaboration between the legendary Orbital and Alabama 3 and "Mansion on The Hill" re-mixed by Arthur Baker (responsible for New Order’s One Monday and Confusion). The album also includes a re-mix of "How Can I Protect You" from the up and coming film ‘Borstal Productions’.

VIDEO: "Woke Up This Morning"

To most Americans, the only thing that's going to ring a bell is their work on the Soprano's theme song. But know that Alabama 3 and "Woke Up This Morning" came before the television show did. The rest of their body of work (before and since) is equally exciting and soul-filled. Hits and Exit Wounds is definitely a worthy addition to your collection.

Highly Recommended:
Alabama 3 - Amos Moses


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