KICKS - A New Album from the 1990s!

TOTALLY RED HOT! - I am delighted to share the news that Kicks, the brand new album from The 1990s is due for release March 23 in Europe & March 24 in North America. The band has been bathed in the sunlight of some fairly complimentary press the last few months following the release of their debut album, Cookie.

And based on what we are hearing, Kicks, will well - stomp all over the earlier material and should be one of the best rock albums of 2009. Here's to new music - we can't wait to hear this live!

New Music from the 1990s

1990s - The Box

WHO ARE THE 1990S? - These altruistic former "brothers in arms" of Franz Ferdinand are making great music, just having trouble getting dates. It's talented, raw rock without any of the pretentiousness! Both the 1990s and Franz Ferdinand are descendant of Glasgow's The Yummy Furs - a rock quartet that initially formed in 1992. When the Furs split, two members (the McMorrow brothers) went on to form the 1990s. (The other two fellas went on to form Franz Ferdinand!)

In a 2006 article appearing in UNCUT Magazine, The 1990s get a write up and a tearing down, of sorts: "The 1990s. Two parts ex-Yummy Fur - Jamie McMorrow (bass, crazy teeth) and Jackie McMorrow (vocals/guitar, crazier teeth) - to one part Ex-V Twin Michael McGaughrin (drums, Monkees haircut.)" Jamie has since left the band, replaced by Dino Bardot on bass. Now solely led by the frenetic energy of Jackie McMorrow (who I met last year here in Boston - his delightful smile as wide as his teeth, crooked) the 1990s are about to embark in an exciting new direction in 2009. This should be really, really good!



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