Jana Mashonee

SOMEONE TO KNOW: A promising new singer, Jana Mashonee has a beautiful voice and a preserving spirit to match. Since the 2006 release of Mashonee's GRAMMY-nominated album, American Indian Story, the singer-songwriter hasn't had much rest... Along with touring extensively before sold-out audiences internationally, Jana has taken up some causes and played benefit shows. Mashonee's own non-profit organization, The Jana's Kids Foundation, helps Native American and Aboriginal children achieve their dreams through motivational programs and through scholarships to those kids that achieve scholastically, artistically and athletically. (Mashonee is, herself, of Lumbee Indian heritage and has won an impressive 7 Native American Music Awards.)

NEW MOON BORN: Back at work, Mashonee has a brand new album titled, New Moon Born filled with heartfelt and uplifting tracks. And it's impossible not to respect the power in this singer's voice. What we like best is that Mashonee is using her talent to connect with people and to give back to her community. Along the way she has made a lot of friends. Ultimately Mashonee's songs are open books that allow listeners to peer into her soul and in doing so finding out something new about themselves.

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Anonymous said…
I can't wait to see what Jana will come out with next I have listened to her since 2005 and all I can say is "I want more " she is AMAZING.
*******ALWAYS******* AMAZING!
Anonymous said…
I totally agree with this last comment...AMAZING!! Her new album New Moon Born rocks!

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