Georgie James' John Davis joins up with WOXY

Something New to Listen to - Our website urges our readers to explore new music, asking these same folks to be guilty of good taste. One easy way to do that is to tune into WOXY radio. It's the king of all indie rock radio stations and at the epicenter of good choices. (If you like us, you will love them!)

Going Back to last summer, there's still a smallish-sized hole in our music-loving soul following the dissolution of Washington D.C.'s Georgie James - definitely one of the best new bands of the last two-three years. WOXY is bringing you Georgie James' John Davis - as a DJ.

[Check out the RSL Music Awards 2007 - Georgie James was named our New Artist/Band of the Year.]

Davis will DJ the 1, 2, 3, 4, More, More, More show on WOXY. The program will focus on classic power-pop, post-punk, new wave, punk rock, indie rock and the newest material of 2009. Can you say, "New Guilty Pleasure." Don't worry, we just did.

GREAT DJ - Georgie James' John Davis

Tune in to John on WOXY. And, do yourself a serious favor by running out to your local indie rock record store and pick up a copy of Georgie James' Places album.


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