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INTERVIEW WITH A BLOGGER - Just wanted to mention that I recently did an interview with Jeff Weiss of LA Weekly which is now up for your reading pleasure. [Print Version is here.] The article concerns some missing blog posts here on Ryan's Smashing Life. I have kept my cool and haven't flipped out, but my work (and those of other good bloggers out there) have been slowly disappearing since last fall.

BACKGROUND - The same music labels who provide me with press releases and promotional material are demanding that Google/Blogger pulls it down. (Sometimes it's the UK/EU hand working against the US hand... Sometimes the legal folks don't talk to the promotion people. Either way, I am getting caught in the middle. And, evidently with nowhere to turn.) After deleting my work, Blogger later send me a note in my email inbox explaining the decision. I respond in an attempt to produce press releases for the material used with the label rep's request to run the material, but no one ever, ever writes back.

So, you can imagine my frustration! You either give up or you change your strategy... So I talked to someone about it. The piece is up right now on LA Weekly. The story is being widely read. It's been picked up by Tripwire and even Rolling Stone.

The Cringe (NYC) [Web] [Myspace]

I can only assure Blogger, all the lawyers and the suits at the labels that I have consistently always had the best of intentions when posting material. I am a thoughtful, responsible individual. The bands who read this page already know this. And, like you - dear reader, I do love the music.

Mr. Weiss has a damn spiffy blog of his own: Passion of the Weiss.
Ryan on Album Leaks w/ 95bFM in New Zealand several months ago.


Justin Snow said…
Yeah, man. That's so cool. Congrats.

Deleted posts are a scary thing. I hate having to constantly worry that someday I might wake up and my blog will just be gone.
Ray said…
Indeed, it seems at least half of my posts that get taken down are because of songs the artist specifically gave permission to post. I once had an artist email to get them to put the song back up, but it shouldn't be this difficult. Yet another example of labels floundering around in vain to find a solution to internet piracy.
Ryan Spaulding said…
The messages of support and emails have come from all over the globe and have been most appreciated! Thank you all so much!

I actually got a message from the devil, himself.

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