FROM THE WORLD OF SPORTS: I have apologized for my occasional deviation into the world of sports on this website, but in this case I'm too excited to care. I am a baseball fanatic and a lifelong Red Sox fan. My favorite team just re-signed my favorite player - Sox firstbaseman Kevin Youkilis, ensuring I will be able to watch him play here in a Boston uniform for at least four more years! [STORY and STORY]

Kevin Youkilis

Goes All out on Every Play & Gives a Damn

We are definitely grateful for the Yoooooouuuuk man. He's a better grade of player with a hard-working character. He makes the team and the game better with his presence. Appreciating a player that actually gives a damn about winning and the game makes us better fans. Note: Kevin Youkilis has more character in his pinky finger than former Sox slugger Manny Ramirez ever hopes to own. So that's all we had to say about that.... and here's some music!


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