New Work from The Rakes - The Light From Your Mac

DATELINE: LONDON - Watch out, somebody went and woke up The Rakes. The fun, wiry UK band, who have a history of crafting addictive smart rock, have awakened from a year-long slumber (their last tour ended in March '08 - then they disappeared to take a break and to prepare new material.) And it's been two whole years since the band released any new material.

All this is a grand way of me telling you that the World is overdue for some of their music! The Rakes are set to release their new LP, 1989, to global markets in March. We will definitely be looking forward to this one. Here is the first, unreleased single from that album. It's a love song, of sorts....

The Rakes are Back

HIGH CULTURE INDIE ROCK:The Rakes are named for a three-part Stravinsky opera titled, "The Rake's Progress." It's a misbegotten morality tale of love lost, really... It's about a man (Tom Rakewell) who falls for a woman, who in turn falls in love with a a man who is actually the Devil, himself. Nobody is happy. How appropriate.

The Rakes
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