Glasvegas Giveaway!

GLASVEGAS LOVES THE STATES: After the release of their debut album and a few sold out shows on their most current tour, Scottish quartet, Glasvegas are kicking off 2009 with a memorable bang. With critical acclaim brewing from their incredible live shows - American audiences better find a place for their strong Glaswegian accents and shoegazey grooves. Starting with some red-hot SxSW Music Festival dates, Glasvegas will soon be embarking on a new American tour!

Danny North photo


CONTEST DETAILS: To celebrate Glasvegas' good fortune, Ryan's Smashing Life is giving away an incredibly cool prize: Grand Prize is an autographed Glasvegas record album! Second prize is one of the band's CDs (and while not signed) - it's still pretty damn cool! This contest is open to all US residents. For a chance to win, email us with your full name!

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Kelly Sinclair said…
Yea for Glasvegas! And Glasgow. Honestly, the accents aren't too hard to get around with a little practice.
Kelly Sinclair said…
Oh, and it's "Glaswegian" not "Glasgowian." :D

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