Glasgow's Glasvegas Rocks Boston and New York



JUST FOR STARTERS: Kicking off their first ever tour through the States is Glasgow's Glasvegas - a group making lots of beautiful noise and some serious waves on both sides of the Atlantic! Looking back, the band was supposed to steamroll some US dates in December back in December. And then the only thing that could slow them down, did. Singer James Allan experienced some Visa problems, which have since been resolved. And the result is a stellar Sunday Night show (Fenway Recordings) at Great Scott in Allston.

Run, Run, Run: The band, James Allan(vocals)- Rab Allan(guitar)- Paul Donoghue(bass)- Caroline McKay(drums), will play town on Sunday then depart overnight to New York City where they will perform on Monday afternoon, before hundreds at a Virgin Records Megastore in (New York's) Union Square. As if that weren't enough publicity for your first two days on American soil, the band heads over to The Letterman Show on Monday night, where they will perform for a televised audience of thousands. Not...a.... bad... beginning!




Anonymous said…
Seems the ghost of Jesus & Mary Chain just won't lie down. McGee done good. And din't I hear Glasvegas on a perfume ad recently? I nearly slid off my chaise...

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