FLIGHT of the CONCHORDS - Chance to Win a Season 1 DVD

FUNNY AS HELL: We have never been the type to sit down and watch too many musicals, those damn show tunes keep getting stuck in our head.... but we get a kick out of watching the plight of Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement as they make their amusing (and musical) way through their day. The Grammy-award winning duo from New Zealand have done much to blur the line between comedy and music.

Return of the Kings: It's a fine line that doesn't get rubbed out of sight too often. Flight of the Conchords Season 2 premieres on HBO on 1/18/09 at 10PM EST.

VIDEO: Entire Episode One from Season 2!
(This Clip May Not Work Outside the US)

Win Cool Stuff from the RSL Music Blog:
Email us with "FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS" in the subject line.
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Winner Gets:
You Also receive a FLIGHT of the CONCHORDS Giftpack
You get the DVD (all HBO episodes from Season 1)
An FOTC notebook (watermarked with FOTC quotes)
A FOTC guitar pick, a FOTC poster and postcards.

Don't Forget to Check out Season 2 of the Show
Premiering on Sunday 1/18/09.

Flight of the Conchords Link:


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the heads up. I am almost tempted to re-subscribe to HBO, purely on the basis of the Conchords. Those guys are funny .... and talented. Loved the episode where they had to dress up as Hobbits to cash in on the New Zealand connection. Great dancers too!
Love Bret's taste in sweatshirts..

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