This Blue Heaven - Debut Album is Quicksandglass


Melodic yet cerebral, catchy but never canned or played-out, Boston's This Blue Heaven will demonstrate tonight how good they can be with their debut record, Quicksandglass.

Their Sound: This Blue Heaven incorporates the less tweedy elements of folk with old-school UK new wave. Add to that the indie rock earnestness of acts like Rilo Kiley and Death Cab for Cutie, and the band has forged an audible identity all their own. The album was produced by David Messier of Boston's Same Sky Productions.

Five deep, the band hit the streets in 2007 and started landing regular gigs and a loyal following at clubs throughout New England in no time. Like jangle pop evangelists, the quintet coaxed their congregations from the pews and into the aisles with danceable, thought-provoking tunes and theatrical performances.

Tonight at Oliver's marks the band's return and now those audiences can take something from the show with them - Quicksandglass. Tonight's show will also feature The Honors, Common Thrill (also releasing a new CD) and RSL favorites The Motion Sick.

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