EITS - Live in Paris (2002)

Time to take a little break and breathe a little. Time to chill and open your mind (- let it be artistic and engaged!) Rest your feet. And listen! I thought I might throw on some cerebral candy from Austin's Explosions in the Sky. This silly talented band is making some of the most amazing instrumental music these days. With the holidays and work and family and bills... well, it's time you took a break. Turn it up and let it play:

Live - September 22, 2002
La Guinguette Pirate - Paris, France


Explosions in the Sky released the Double-Length LP All of A Sudden I Miss Everyone in the spring of 2007. (RSL Top 40 Album of 2007.) The album is immense and powerful - capturing in clarity, EITS' amazing exploration of space. I think I learned as much about myself while listening to it as I did about the band's ability to open people's minds.

Here is today's stunning bonus track - and it's from last year's album. The song is called, The Birth and Death of the Sky. Listen, then buy.

Explosions In The Sky
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March2theSea said…
i *think* you meant to say "Instrumental" and not "acoustic". Great band I agree...
Ryan Spaulding said…
Of course (I just fixed it.) I have a couple more sets from 2002 but none more recent. Do you have any EITS shows from the last few years? I would love to post a newer one with the material from last year's record.
Nick said…
Nice, thanks for posting this. Great band - love how they build huge epics using really basic elements. Back in 2003-04 I was listening to a lot of Mogwai and GSYBE, but these guys I thought were the true kings of crescendo - especially w/ The World is Not a Cold Dead Place. Heard their shows are painfully loud - is this true?
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting this - great set!

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