Bug Lung Baby - Visger's latest is Red Hot & Free

Merriam Webster definition: Prolific - Producing young or fruit especially freely(fruitful); causing abundant growth, generation, or reproduction; marked by abundant inventiveness or productivity. Usage: Jonathan Visger, singer-songwriter for Michigan's Mason Proper, is one fucking prolific musician.

Jonathan Visger is now also Bug Lung Baby

2008 was one hell of a year - Mason Proper started it off with a showing at SxSW in Austin and released the Shorthand EP, a full-length album from Dovecote Records is totally worthy of high praise - (RSL Review of "Olly Oxen Free" and the 20 Albums in 2008 You Need to Own), Jonathan Visger was able to release a fun EP ("North South"). Get ready to be impressed..., Visger (who is now going by the nom de guerre, "Bug Lung Baby," just released yet another EP - this one is called "Trilobite Trash" and can be downloaded for free. Merry Christmas everybody.

Why the new pseudonym "Bug Lung Baby?"

Visger: I think when people see somebody's normal, boring name as the title of the musician, they instantly think acoustic guitar, vocals, stripped down kind of coffee house stuff. My stuff doesn't sound anything like that. Plus I have a bad relationship with my name for some reason. Bug Lung Baby conjures up something much more tangible and interesting to me. I would want to know what that sounded like.

All I can say is we are thoroughly impressed. We know a lot of musicians and are lucky to count Jon as a friend. (I interviewed the band back in the Spring of '07 and were amongst the first in the country to realize how damn creative Visger is.) But even we have been surprised to see how far he has come in the last 16 months. If you don't know Mason Proper or Jonathan Visger, notice has been served!

Bug Lung Baby / Jonathan Visger
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