A Moving Experience

The RSL is moving back into the city... The lack of activity on the website the last 48 hours correlates directly to a whole lot of action and stress in real life. If you can only imagine the heavy-lifting, all the sweating and swearing - added with the stress of driving with a loaded truck in the rain, tailgaters a-plenty,.... Oh good times!. I assure you, once we get our head back on straight and unpack some boxes, we will be back in full gear.

Please take a look in the RSL Archives (bottom right toolbar) and check out the links to material in the sidebar. We also have lots and lots of really cool friends all over the globe - check out the links and if you get the chance, tell them Ryan sent you!

Here's a track from Weinland, one of our favorite artists of the year. Our Early Best of List 2008 is coming as soon as I get unpacked!


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