Mason Proper - Very Good Stuff at The Middle East


Mason Proper finished off their four show 'mini-tour' with Cloud Cult and Exit Clov at The Middle East last night. I really am too tired to give you a full run-down, but the show was predictably awesome. MP are easily one of the best live bands in the country right now, thanks in no small part to the strength of the new album, "Olly Oxen Free." Mason Proper played the record start to finish last night before an appreciative audience at the Middle East, who were left clamoring for more last night. The reaction drew a mock evil laugh from front man Jonathan Visger, who we credit as the genius behind the new material.

A little insight - the Ryan's Smashing Life Blog will name Olly Oxen Free one of the five best albums of the year next week, (trying to keep away from a simple #1, #2, #3 ranking since everyone's tastes are a bit different) when our Top 20 Albums from Early 2008 List goes live. (You don't want to miss out on this one!) The point of the list is that you have ample time to shop indie rock for your holiday gifts and be fully informed ahead of time. Olly Oxen Free should DEFINITELY be in your shopping cart!

Mason Proper's Jonathan Visger

RSL Album Reviews:
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Ryan Spaulding said…
Dear Readers,

I certainly do not want to discount the unbelievably good performance of Cloud Cult - but I am utterly exhausted and ran out of time. This band (see the pre-show hype for mp3 and album mention) will also be listed on our best of 2008 List, coming in just days!
Ryan Spaulding said…

Boston Band Crush (my second digs) writes about Exit Clov and Cloud Cult's sets and offers up some video!

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