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For all the promotion work we have done on Jesse Malin's behalf the last few years, one might think we are family. But, such loyalty springs from a genuine passion for the man's music - he's a great live performer. I can hardly think of any musician I enjoy seeing play live as much as Jesse. He is ever the true journeyman performer and a unique music mind.

Click Album Links below to demo material: (All Recommended!)
Malin, who comes to town on Thursday to play a highly recommended set at Cambridge's TT the Bears, is currently one of the most prolific artists in the world. In the last two-and-a-half years, he has released two studio albums: THE HEAT and GLITTER IN THE GUTTER (RSL Top 15 Albums of 2007) , a live record - MERCURY RETROGRADE and a brand new covers set (the masterful ON YOUR SLEEVE). This is a good time to be a Jesse Malin fan.

Initially released as an Import-Only, On Your Sleeve
is now available for purchase at US music stores

The US version has four new songs...
Both the US and UK versions are worth owning

Jesse Malin - It's Not Enough
Johnny Thunders cover

Jesse plays TTs the Bears on Thursday night with two great local bands: Cassavettes and The Dirty Truckers. After that, Malin embarks out on the road to tour with the rejuvenated Butch Walker. The pair had canceled their summer shows in June. It should be a great tour! (Stay tuned, I will have the Butch Walker album review up soon!) Pick up these records - excellent listening!

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Ryan Spaulding said…
Hey Readers,

Great News! I had a fantastic chat with Jesse last night and will soon be posting up our interview. Lots of insight on the creative process, the Covers album and the forthcoming record! (Seriously, I think I've got this first.) Most importantly, Jesse shares what it's like being a songwriter, a performer and a romantic in Post-Modern America!

Stay tuned, this will run as soon as we transcribe and edit the piece!

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