Black Gold - Video Blogging: Mexican Eats // Vintage Gear // Indie Rock Record Stores

One of the Great Things about technology, and music blogs to be certain, is that they allow bands to find new and creative ways to reach out to their fans and play a larger role in their lives. The dynamic duo of Eric Ronick (Ambulance Ltd and Panic at the Disco) and Than Luu (M Ward, Shushshush and Rachel Yamagata) are Black Gold.

We told you about these guys back in August and since that time, we have to admit - we are pretty impressed with all the music we've heard. (Seriously, keep a close watch on these two.... very talented.) To our original point, Black Gold are releasing video blogs with a little humor and a lot of creativity so that fans get to know them better. Refreshing and fun - that, my friends, is a good use of technology.

Black Gold loves Indie Record Shops

Black Gold on Vintage Gear

Black Gold on Mexican Food

RSL Single of The Year Candidate:
Black Gold - Plans and Reveries



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