The Sunsets Quick Tonight - CD Release Party

Here's your invitation:

Head on out to a great live show tonight in Somerville where our friends in The Sunsets Quick are having a CD release bash. TSQ are an indie-rock quartet that formed in the winter of 2007 (under the name Drugs Delaney), they've played all over Boston at venues like Great Scott, T.T. The Bear's, and the Abbey Lounge, drawing comparisons to bands like the Strokes, Modest Mouse, and the Pixies.

Tonight, the Sunsets Quick plays a very special CD release party at P.A.'s Lounge where they're the guests of honor. RSL favorites Vivian Darkbloom also appear along with Forsythe. This should be fun!

Boston's Own The Sunsets Quick

A Brand New Album becomes available tonight!

What You Wanna Hear
(Demo Version)

(Demo Version)

If you are one of our many readers living outside the Boston area, click on over to the band's page and they will let you know how you can pick this one up! It's the newest of new.


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