The Pet Ghost Project - Cheer Up, It's Raining

The Pet Ghost Project - from Imagination to NYC!

We are blown away by Justin Stivers' accomplishments in the last year. It's hard to not get fully involved in Cheer Up - It's Raining, the new Pet Ghost Project cd. Fair Comparisons: Neutral Milk Hotel, Beck, Animal Collective and Syd Barrett.

In the past, Stivers recorded all parts of Pet Ghost Project's pieces himself - spending hours painstakingly mixing the tracks. Now he has a full band and playing songs in the New York. It's hard to determine what's more impressive - the fact that the new material is as good as it is - or that Stivers found bandmates capable of playing the thick, multi-layered tracks from his personal catalog.

For those of you who may have missed
Maps last year (James Chapman's dream project that took life) - the same thing occurred... One man, recorded all the parts - slowly getting better and better. Then he found musicians who could play the material and the results were extraordinary! (RSL Best of 2007)....

Stay tuned, I think you will be hearing more from the Pet Ghost Project soon. We can't wait to hear what happens next!

The Pet Ghost Project - The Dog
from 2007's Great Satisfactory album

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