On the Way in to the Show Last Night

On the way into the city last night, I became a witness... I was on my way in to attend at least one of the many, many quality shows in Boston and Cambridge last night (we were on the list in three different venues last night.... And we have the grandiose dream of catching four amazing live acts in three different clubs, but it never quite ever happens.)

Then something completely unexpected happened... I witnessed a nasty car accident that resulted in an injury - The crash unfolded right in front of me. Someone on their way home struck someone running some errands. People were just going about their business when their world was turned upside down.

I dialed 911 and stayed on site until help arrived. I saw them take a woman away in a neck brace, on a back board. My participation didn't end there. I learned I needed to provide a report for the police. I waited until they cleared the traffic that had resulted from the crash and then the damaged car was towed away.

photograph by Jeffrey Pannis

On the roadside, the thought of the sudden and deafening impact echoed in my ears. I kicked at the dirt a little between the blades of tall dead grass and waited my turn to tell a story. My thoughts turned to the lady who had been taken away in the ambulance. I was already cold from the bitter Fall night .

I love live music and I missed some stellar performances last night, but the incident last night was far more important. Such things give you pause. A serious reality check. Just a small reminder that life is fleeting...

Just thought I'd share.

TOP TALENT: One of those bands we missed last night was Passenger, an absolutely stellar five-piece UK band headed by Mike Rosenberg (The Mike Rosenberg Problem). Passenger play dynamic pop with heady guitar playing and outstanding lyrics. We can't say enough good things about their brand new album, Wicked Man's Rest. You should have it.

This song is rabid and wild yet plotting and planned.
I thought it might just be perfect for this post. Sorry I missed you this time around Mike. We'll be listening!

highly recommended:
Passenger - Do What You Like

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Anonymous said…
Now you can expect to be called for a deposition in the eventual lawsuit!!!! Good times.

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