On Red Sox Fans and Heart Attacks


For those of you who don't follow sports - I don't expect you to understand or appreciate this. But you should be warned... There are a lot of overtired people in New England today. The same is true for Red Sox Nation (the term used to capture the immense global following the Boston team has around the Globe.)

No matter where you were watching the game - we all stayed up too late to watch the Red Sox play for their very lives last night (yet again) - this time in a nail-biter of an Elimination Game 5 of the American League Championship Series. The Up-Side? The Sox won the game! The Down-side? This cardiac arrest could, and probably will, be repeated again tomorrow night.

Dedication or Insanity: I have a really nice music post all sketched out but I couldn't find the time to finish it last night. The game was completely over - out of hand as the visiting Rays were up a whopping 7-0 after six full innings of play. (For the fans in most other towns, that's when the television sets get turned off and people shuffle off to the embrace of sleep. But this is not so in Boston.)

We won the game, improbably - impossibly! Now, I'm sure there's many who will say they predicted the comeback. The rest of us were just biting our nails and hoping. Just another regular playoff game for the World Champion Red Sox... Once again, more heart attack, than heartbreak. Pandemonium!

You know what? We wouldn't have it any other way.

His Name is Alive is a great independent rock band from Michigan with a loyal cult following, they last appeared on the RSL last December. They were a sensible pick for an easy-listening favorite this morning. As I said, our hearts just can't take it right now.

Man, I'm tired...


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