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The Panics - Get Us Home

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: I popped Cruel Guards into my car stereo the other day and was immediately, and completely won over. THE PANICS are an Australian indie rock band with a tremendous, authentic and clean sound. Their song arrangements are thick, layered affairs - reminding me a little of the sonic fairy tales of Belle & Sebastian. The Panics start their songs strong - epic vocal and piano introductions transport you away. By the time you arrive inside the song, you are already tapping your foot and swaying in place. You will be a Panics fan... And just in time - following a handful of current dates in Australia, the band will be embarking soon on a World Tour. We predict very good things.

PANICS video: "Don't Fight It"

JUST AVAILABLE IN THE STATES:Cruel Guards was released on October 7 in the US through Dew Process/ WFM/Fontana. The record was completed at BJB studios in Sydney earlier this year. The basis of several of the tracks stem from home recordings the band put down in the house they share in Collingwood while further additions were made during sessions in New York City. The production chores were handled by the band and Scott Horscroft (The Sleepy Jackson, Silverchair) and mixed by Victor Van Vugt (Nick Cave, Beth Orton).

The Panics were actually formed in Perth some five years ago - their ascension has been been slow, but sure. The fact that the band's success wasn't immediate their first few years has benefited their music. The songs on the new album are reportedly the best of their career. (I think I will have to research this for myself.)

The Panics are: Drew Wootton (guitars), Paul Otway (bass,vocals), Jules Douglas (piano,psychedelics,vocals), Myles Wootton (drums,samples,vocals), and Jae Laffer (vocals,piano,acoustic guitar)

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Cruel Guards is great but their earlier albums A House on a Street in a Town I'm From and Sleeps Like a Curse are also excellent.

I particularly recommend Kid You're A Dreamer and How's it Feel? from A House on a Street in a Town I'm From.

So happy to see you recommending a killer Aussie band!
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