Blackmarket - The Elephant in the Room

Arizona's Blackmarket is touring Europe
Their full-length debut album drops in stores on 11/11

Hailing from Arizona, near Lake Havasu - it's Blackmarket, an exciting new group playing power pop with good hooks. We met up with the band earlier this year for the release of their self-titled EP - a precursor to the release of next month's full length debut album. The catchy tracks on the EP, an excellent buy on i-tunes at less than $6 for six songs. This collection seriously has us looking forward to The Elephant In The Room, to be released globally on 11/11. Keep your eyes peeled for this one.

Currently on tour in Europe with The Subways, Blackmarket threaten to return with a large and loyal EU fan base. Watch out everybody - this band is on the rise! Included below is the song, "Sheila" from the album to be released last month.

We have also included "White Lie," from the Blackmarket EP which I have to believe is one of the coolest new songs I have heard this year.

VIDEO: Live in Japan

Bonus Track from the band's EP:
Blackmarket - White Lie
highly recommended



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