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An absolutely gorgeous album - Five of Five Stars!
The Oaks - Songs for Waiting

The OaKs are: Matthew Antolick (drums, marimba, vibraphone, percussion, electronics, some keys); Ryan Costello (vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, pianica, organs and keyboards, lyrics); Jeremy Siegel (bass, trombone and some keys, mandolin); Melissa Reyes (vocals, accordian, bells, percussion, some keys); Greg Willson (guitars, saxophone and vocals); and Tim Cocking (Wurlitzer electric piano, accordian, synths, organ, bells, trumpet, vocals)

MAGIC IN THE MAKING: The evolution of Florida's The OaKs has been breathtaking. In two year's time I've seen the band grow into one of the nation's most talented folk rock duos. Ryan Costello and Matthew Antolick were at the core of something small, intense and moving. It's hard to believe, but the OaKs have gotten even better. Over the last year the band blossomed into a prospering six-piece dynamo - with each member a talented musician in their own right. The proof of the band's efforts are now available...

The OaKs released the remarkable "Songs for Waiting," earlier this spring. The collection of ten previously unreleased songs is easily the most exquisite, beautiful record of 2008. The songs are rich, layered stories about discovery. The creativity and performances are matched only by the clean production values. This record is a winner!

A most complementary comparison for this recording is the equally brilliant Medeski, Scofield, Martin and Wood 2006 album, "Out Louder." I daresay that with the exception of the unbeatable MSMW track, "Tequila and Chocolate" (*incredible) - the OaKs may have the upper hand in this two-record comparison!

"Songs for Waiting" is a triumphant interweaving of winning song-writing, instrumentation and voice. Catch this band on tour at South-by-Southwest this week where they are sure to make hundreds of new fans. Look for this album on the RSL year-end "Best of" List!

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- The OaKs on RSL in 2007 -
"Songs that Speak, Stories that Sing"

The Oaks may be our favorite record from the first half of the year.... The Florida band joins some pretty amazing talent - The Best of 2008 Early List is coming in just days but here are some of the records we have told you made the list in recent days: album, album, album, album, album, album, album, album, album, album, album, album, album, album, album, album, and album. Think of it as a shopping list of contemporary good taste and this list will continue to grow until it needs to - you can check out 2007's Hot List for the First Half, here.)


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