True Indie DIY from Unknown Component


Exciting New Release! Keith Lynch is the creative brain and considerable music muscle behind Unknown Component - a prolific song project releasing its seventh studio album this week. UC is just about one of the best examples I have ever seen of positive DIY mentality (DIY is the true indie). Lynch lives in Iowa but with the use of modern technology he is capable of reaching listeners around the globe - his songs are well crafted and produced and the sounds grow on you quickly.

The songs on In Direct Communication, Unknown Component's latest full-length release, is an unlikely creative hammer striking the anvil of indie pop. This one should heard by the masses. One thing is certain: the tracks on Direct Communication are driven by a strong and steady hand by Lynch. As with all projects, there is room to grow and improve (generally speaking, we would like hear this stuff be a just a bit more fluid and less structured) but the precise chemistry and hard work poured into this project by Lynch really shines through... Unknown Component does not fail to impress - with this level of talent and focus, we look forward to see what happens next!

ON THE RECORD: The song Identifying Interpretation, is a mouthful, but this track's a real winner. Lynch croons above the clean sounds of piano/keyboards and guitar - helping to transport the listener to a different state of mind. "Interpretation" is a champion of dissonant pop and a real winner on the record.

Into the Sun
is a quality transitional track - one that fulfills the spirit of the songwriter but helps to keep place on the record . It seems to work on all accounts. We listened and imagined ourselves rollerblading down the boardwalk of a seacoast town on a sunny day... Imagination helps when you are listening to such good stuff!

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