This Wednesday - LIVE at the MIDDLE EAST

An RSL production:

Boston-area Show of the Week!

$9 Doors - 8:45pm
Our 5th Show this Summer!
This One Features:

JOTU : Justice of The Unicorns

Justice of The Unicorns - McCarren Pool mp3

JOTU has a hot 2008 Studio Album
RSL Write-Up: Something Special in 2008
JOTU web (NYC)

Tigers and Monkeys

Tigers and Monkeys - Loose Mouth mp3

2007 Studio Album (New Live Record in 2008!)
RSL Write-Up: Rave On Tigers and Monkeys!
Tigers and Monkeys web (NYC)

The Spanish Armada

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Anonymous said…
Someone told me that if you don't go to this show you're lame.

I tend to agree with that sentiment.

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