Kanye West - You Camera Smashing Freak!

(Not the name of his new album!)

Kanye the Great, the artist and producer was just "Arrested Kanye West" Thursday - proving to us all - once again, that great artistry and basic common sense don't get handed out in equal amounts...

West and members of his posse attacked an offending paparazzo (Ed. note: first and probably the last time the word 'paparazzo' used in this blog.) In the process of roughing up the cameraman (who we are sure was no angel) the guy had his pro camera and flashes smashed - and they were reportedly worth $10,000. (Note: I added the word "reportedly" but the law came down fast on West. The nasty little exchange was completely caught on video.)

Quoting an AP story: "Clips of the video shot by the celebrity gossip site TMZ shows West and (West manager Don) Crowley grabbing the camera from a photographer, who is yelling "Police! Police!" and "Help me!" After they wrest it away, it appears that the manager smashes the camera to the ground, and the rapper follows by slamming down a flash." (more)

On the clip below, a third man in West's posse suddenly realizes the incident is being taped and attempts (unsuccessfully) to wrest away the second camera before security steps in. Pretty damning material...

The Video

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