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This album dances for joy on the fine line between musical genres

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Sunfold makes beautiful music. Sunfold is a well shaken version of the celebrated Annuals; the members are basically the same but they play different roles. (Annuals and Sunfold released the Wet Zoo EP earlier this year - it was our first real taste of the great Sunfold. Here's the backstory.)

Here's What Works: Annuals guitarist Kenny Florence takes the lead in Sunfold - unleashing a creativity that wasn't fully recognized in the Adam Baker-fronted Annuals. This all comes out to play in Sunfold's Toy Tugboats - a beautiful record of playful songs that calls to mind last year's great melodies on Fancey Shmancey released by the New Pornographer's Todd Fancey and Prints an absolutely beautiful project from 2007, released by Kenseth Thibideau (Sleeping People) and Zac Nelson (Who's Your Favorite Son God.)

Sunfold at the Middle East - July 27, 2008 - RSL Photo

With Sunfold, as with Fancey and Prints, what you take from these tracks is up to you. Clearly, however, these song are a celebration life, love, self-discovery and sunshine.

The tracks dance on the fine line between indie pop, jam band aesthetics, ethereal haze, country western Americana, and mixed media beats. Kenny Florence steps out in a major way on this songs and a major 'thank you' should go to his Annuals band mates in making that happen.

Toy Tugboats by Sunfold - It's a beautiful thing.

Sunfold's Kenny Florence

HOT LIST: Sunfold joins some pretty incredible company - The Best of 2008 List is coming - but here are some of the records we have told you made the list in recent days: album, album, album, album, album, album, album, album, album, album, album, album, album, and album. (Think of it as a shopping list of contemporary good taste and this list will continue to grow until it needs to - you can check out 2007's Hot List for the First Half, here.)



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