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7M3's Jason Ross

Seven Mary Three are most widely known for their platinum debut American Standard featuring the #1 Rock radio hit “Cumbersome,” which still receives more than 500 plays on popular radio each week. The group started out small with Mammoth Records then grew to Atlantic Records, settling now again with an independent, Bellum Records. This new direction serves them well. This is the best music the band has released in close to a decade!

The new album from 7M3 is called Day & Nightdriving. It's a great record to pop in when you go for a drive. I've been playing the record for about two weeks and have had no fewer than four people this week ask me what the music was. Everyone enjoyed it.

(The Best of the First Half 2008 List is coming - but here are some of the records we have told you made the list in recent days: album, album, album, album, album, and album. Think of it as a shopping list of contemporary good taste and this list will continue to grow until it needs to - you can check out 2007's Hot List for the First Half, here.)

Seven Mary Three's new album works best on two levels; A handful of the tracks are bridges to the past while the remainder are definitely on the path to the band's future. On some level, all the songs work. Probably most enjoyable for me is that you can almost hear and feel the constraints falling away from the band... They are doing what they want to do. The spirit and creativity here really surprised me - the band is living up to its potential. And sadly, that is something you don't see often enough. This record would make a fabulous addition to most any modern or acoustic rock collection.


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