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from LA... Midnight Movies

Midnight Movies' Gena Olivier

Midnight Movies follow their sophomore LP "Lion The Girl" with the Nights EP (in stores now) on New Line Records (Albert Hammond Jr and Robbers on High Street). The EP album is a wonderful showcase of the band's capabilities - giving them the chance to shine during a cover of "Nights in White Satin" in both English in French. (During this great cover, singer Gina Olivier leaves the keys to play drums!)

In my eyes, however, the real gems on this album are Midnight Movies original tracks remixed by two of the most skilled technicians in music. Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist and Boston-native Nick Zinner does a great job remixing the MM track "Souvenirs;" while the unbelievable James Iha (A Perfect Circle, former Smashing Pumpkins) submits another insane remix.

All in all, Midnight Movies' latest proves out to be one of the finest EP releases so far this year. It's a true must-have for independent rock fans everywhere. Here, friends, is the James Iha remixed track, "Patient Eyes" ....



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