The RIAA plays Grinch - Is this the end of Muxtape?

MUXTAPE - Out of Business?

The music industry goes through a massive overhaul just about once every four years and there's some evidence this evolutionary process is only speeding up with the introduction of new technologies. Just a short time ago, no one even knew what Muxtape was... And then, suddenly, the "make-your-own mixtape and share it" software was the talk of the town - even Rolling Stone got in on the action and applauded the ability for fans to be creative. People were listening. The amazing Word of Mouth Power grew the site overnight.

I don't use the site that much anymore (you wouldn't know it since I have like four accounts) but now know that Muxtape is under heavy assault these days by The RIAA.... The same "media rights protection" group that issues punative action against listeners for alleged file sharing and legally bombards music bloggers (both the good - who provide significant exposure for media projects and the bad - who leak complete albums to the public).

RIAA to Muxtape - "It's Over!"

The RIAA Wields a Mighty Ax: I just learned from Aaron over at Enough Cowbell (a recommended Boston site) that Muxtape has been effectively closed for business (the company makes some money through directing listeners to Amazon where they can buy the music) and there's currently no end in sight. Seemingly, the entire purpose of a site like Muxtape is to stand up and be seen by enough people and then to be sold to the highest bidder. That may not happen as the Feds crack down. More details as they develop. I'm actually working on another Legality and Media piece anyway - this one will fit right in. Here's the one I did on Album Leaks.


JenP said…
I don't get the paranoid, Whack-a-Mole approach of the can't download from a Muxtape, can you? I would think the unattainable tracks + the exposure would make the Powers That Be very happy. I found more than a few bands I now love that way and have since purchased their work.

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