Now In Stores - Delta Spirit's Ode to Sunshine!


Hard Working, Hard Living, Exceptional Music..... These are simple facts that the music from Delta's Spirit's self-produced, full-length 2007 debut capture in absolute sincerity. From the moment I heard these songs, the notes resonated in my soul. Last year, we delightfully named, "Ode to Sunshine," the RSL Album of the Year (two quick mentions: here & here.)

The BEST RECORD of 2007 gets the Proper Treatment: The album, which the band snuck in under the gun in late last year, is being re-released on Rounder and is available in record stores everywhere this week. I cannot stress to you enough how great this record is - it speaks directly to the human soul! Here's your chance to get the best record you currently do not yet own.... How often can you say that?

Hit Play and Walk into a Dusty Saloon, stepping into a past you never knew. There is something epic and dangerous about these songs.

Delta Spirit - Trashcan

WIN A COPY OF The Delta Spirit's "ODE TO SUNSHINE" from Ryan's Smashing Life and Rounder Records. Thanks for all the entries. This contest is now closed! Send us an email to therslweblog @ with the words, "ODE TO SUNSHINE" in the subject line. Include your full name in the email.

The winners will be contacted for their mailing addresses. This contest will only be open for a limited time. The rest of you should go out and buy this record. Everyone should have it.



B said…
dude, thank you for the tip on this band. I'm already all about them, bought their CD (yes, the actual disc - haha) and will check 'em out next week in Arlington.

And I am JAZZED.

Thank you!
Anonymous said…
phenominal band - i've seen them a few times in philly.

i actually have their EP from Monarchy Music - "I Think I've Found It!" It's awesome as well.

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